About Us

You know how there’s many factors involved in delivering great coffee … from how it’s grown, harvested, roasted, stored, ground, extracted and served. What we do is ensure that the final part of the process, the introduction of water, is as pure as possible. We do that through a reverse osmosis filtering system and remineralisation process.


We have cafes throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide using our system with really positive results. You might know a few of them, White Horse Coffee in Sydney, or Proud Mary in Melbourne … just to name drop a few specialty coffee establishments.


If you’d like to experience the difference for yourself contact us, and we can arrange a taste test with you and your staff.


And by the way, my name is Damien Armstrong and I started the Coffee Professor a few years ago in my passionate pursuit of the perfect espresso. That, and the fact that it brings together two of my passions – coffee and science. I’m equal parts coffee nerd and science nerd, and that’s why people call me The Coffee Professor.


Look forward to chatting with you soon.